You’re the cheese to my macaroni…

Mmm… cafeteria food is so delicious. Not! After my four years at St. Mary’s I can honestly tell you that the cafeteria food is anything, but appetizing. I found that going to the cafeteria was a huge ordeal for me because it wasn’t so welcoming to a friendless freshman. There would be rows of tables, yet everyone was sitting in groups, I never saw one person eat there alone. Therefore, I tried to make as much food as I could in my room with a mini-fridge and microwave. Yet I had one more thing against me, I had no car to get to the store. Thus, I relied heavily on my mom’s care packages for food and snacks. The most cherished item in those boxes was the packages of Easy Mac. It was always my main go-to entrée in the dorms.

Easy Mac was simple, yet filled the spot. All one needed is water, a microwave, and a fork to make this meal for one. The Easy Mac was perfect for all occasions, a trouble-free dinner, a snack, and a soft concoction that will slide down your throat easily when you are not feeling too well.

Now that I live off campus, I still find myself making the occasional box of Macaroni & Cheese. However, I have become somewhat of a connoisseur of Macaroni & Cheese. For example, I will add veggies, meat, and spices to it to make it a different meal than the plain old macaroni and cheese.


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I am a senior at St. Mary's College. I am a Liberal & Civic Studies major with a Theology & Religious Studies minor. View all posts by dkb1

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