An Enchilada to be Forgotten

Although this is not the best experience with food, it is one of my most memorable. I got food poisoning last year, which is some of the worst pain I have ever felt.  Furthermore, I associate that feeling of pain and illness with the food I had eaten right before, which was store bought enchiladas. I should have known that pre-made and pre-packaged food is not the best, most appetizing meal, but I was short of time to make anything from scratch. The enchiladas were cold and looked as if they had been sitting on the shelves for a few days. However, that did not faze me at the time, but I would soon discover the dangers of buying pre-made enchiladas.

The memory haunts me to this day. I am so horrified by my experience, that I cannot consume enchiladas without the flashback of memories. The first time I had enchiladas after that terrible incident, I could not stand the sight, smell, or taste of them. When my mom brought the pan to the table, all I noticed was the thick sauce covering the tortillas. The memories were flashing back. The gooey cheese and sauce were haunting me. Yet, to not be disrespectful, I put some on my plate. However, as I prepared my first bite, which was drenched in sauce, it was difficult to swallow. The mushy tortilla, meat, sauce, and cheese combination would not easily slide down my throat. The pungent aroma was not helping me eat. It smelled like a sauna full of men to me; it was musky yet spicy. The scent was becoming too much for me. Before I knew it, the enchiladas were no longer cooperating. I took gulps of water to aid the barely chewed food down my throat. It was a battle in my body, as my reflexes tried to get rid of the enchilada, I tried even harder to force the food in my body. The enchilada had a mind of its own, and would slither up my throat just as painfully as I shoved in.

I would like to say that I finished the unappetizing enchiladas and got over my fear; however, that did not happen. It still troubles me to this day to think about enchiladas. Therefore, the moral of my story is that one should take the time to make food, rather than buy pre-made food from the grocery store.


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